Archaeological Way

'Follow The Archaeological Way and you'll be walking in the footsteps of history! You are now in an ancient landscape of Stone Age hunting camps, Romano-British Settlements and Medieval Deer Parks. Nearby you'll find Elizabethan Houses and a castle-cum-pleasure palace. Discover the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the Derbyshire Nottinghamshire Coalfields. From pre-history to the present day there is a wealth of archaeology for you to discover.'

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South Shirebrook, East Midlands, Bolsover
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'The Archaeological Way programme is aiming to develop an 11 mile (18.5km) multi-user trail between Pleasley Pit Country Park and Creswell Crags, to provide a key missing section of the Derbyshire - Nottinghamshire trails network. Phase 1, from South Shirebrook to Poulter Country Park, was opened to the public in spring 2015.'

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