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'The BRIF was formed in 2008 and has representatives from 6 of the rural villages around North Bury – Affetside, Ainsworth, Greenmount, Hawkshaw, Holcombe and Nangreaves ... Where as once, each of the villages used to contact the council / other service providers with their individual issues, now we do so as a united voice and as a group that often shares the same issues and problems which gives us more of a powerful voice. As a result our voice now seems to be getting heard.'

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Around and About, , Bury (Lancashire)

'A unique trail of a little less than 18 miles around and between 6 of Bury's most historic villages. The trail consist of 7 quite distinct separate sections each varying in length and scenery between 2 to 5 miles long and ideal for everyone from the seasoned walker to the weekend strollers ... With 14 walks to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice.'

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