The Colne Valley Trail [Kirklees]

'So far (September 2015), we have reprinted and issued leaflets for three of the walks: [1] Exploring Old Slaithwaite - - - : [2] Slaithwaite to Golcar (The High Road) - - - : [3] Linthwaite Circular. If you are interested in helping with this project, or in preparing leaflets for new walks please email ...'

Starting from
Golcar & Slaithwaite, Yorkshire and the Humber, Kirklees

'The former Colne Valley Society produced an excellent set of walk leaflets for the Colne Valley area. This was done about fifteen years ago and the leaflets now need updating. Our leaflets project involves walking the walks, updating the text and arranging for the leaflets to be re-printed. When we've finished, we'll have updated leaflets for six local walks, based on the original designs. These will be available widely in the local area.'

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