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'The Common consists of 450 acres of lowland heath, split into sections by a network of roads. Parts of the Common are further divided by tracks giving access to private property, and it is bordered by farmland, private property and Chailey Heritage. The heath is a mix of bracken, grasses and heather communities, birch and European and Dwarf gorse. The Chailey Common escaped the 18th Century Enclosure Acts and, due to its common land status, has remained undeveloped and unimproved. Years of grazing and cutting bracken by commoners resulted in an open lowland heath habitat.'

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'Chailey Common is one of the largest heathland commons in the South of England, covering 450 acres and was designated as a Local Nature Reserve in 1966. It has also been made a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its heathland plants and diverse insect and bird communities ... Chailey Common is open access land, but to minimise disturbance to wildlife it is better to keep to the footpaths. Leaflets on self-guided walks around the Common are available from East Sussex County Council ... '

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