Thames Pilgrim Way

'People have always gone on journeys to enrich their spiritual lives. The desire seems deeply ingrained in human nature ... For today's pilgrims, the destination is not as important as the journey. People still often seek healing through prayers at the shrine of a saint, but they may encounter this healing, in all its physical, spiritual and mental forms, during the journey itself. The Thames Pilgrim Way offers no grand or special beginning or ending points, but gains its significance in the encounter with many small pilgrim places along the way, made holy by the prayers of those who have worshipped there, and in the nature of the route itself.'

Distance (miles)
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Starting from
Radcot, South East England, West Oxfordshire
Type of Walk

'Brand new pilgrim route running through the heart of the Diocese of Oxford, which covers the three counties of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.'

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