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'By 1801, Merthyr had a population of 7,700, a figure which rose to 22,000 in 1831 and to 46,000 in 1851. This meant that it was incontestably the largest town in Wales, with a population that was roughly six times that of Cardiff. By the 1820s, Merthyr was literally the iron capital of the world and the source of 40 per cent of Britain's iron exports. Ironically, It was an area which produced iron but hardly made anything from it, unlike the cities of Sheffield and Birmingham, where metallurgical crafts blossomed ...'

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'It is difficult to comprehend the huge changes that the South Wales Valleys have undergone during the last 250 years and Merthyr Tydfil is probably one of the best examples of this ... ' ALERT Unfortunately, the Poets, Priests & Pubs Website seems no longer to be online.

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