Helmsley to Rievaulx Audio Walk

'Rievaulx Abbey has long been established as a spectacularly tranquil location, with St Aelred commenting, "Everywhere peace, everywhere serenity!" However, the rise of the Abbey led to significant changes within the valley, with heavy industry moving in to take advantage of this prosperous centre of international commerce - in fact, the Abbey was almost certainly directly responsible for spoiling the peace as its wealth and power grew ...'

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Distance (miles)
Starting from
Helmsley Castle, Yorkshire and the Humber, Ryedale

'Explore the Rievaulx valley with this superb walk ... In this podcast, you can hear historian Julian Humphrys as he follows this route, pointing out some of the scars on the landscape that the construction of the Abbey created. Walking in the footsteps of Aelred himself, you can follow the route that the pilgrims would have taken from the stronghold of Helmsley Castle to the breathtaking Cistercian Abbey at Rievaulx.'

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