There are two types of Record in the Directory

  • A-Z Records have as their Title the name of a path, trail etc (e.g. Great Stones Way) or of a related group of paths, trails etc (e.g. Wainwright Routes). Each of these Records is listed in the A-Z of WALKS and CATEGORIES which can be invoked from the top of the page.
  • Asterisked Records have as their Title the name of an organization or related entity - with the Title preceded by an asterisk or an asterisk and a space (e.g.* LDWA (Long Distance Walkers Association)). These Records do not appear in the A-Z.

When first created, each Record - 'A-Z' or 'Asterisked' - is first allocated to the relevant Country, Region, Area or Locality within the Section EXPLORE Walks all over the UK.

Each of the Records in the 'EXPLORE' Categories is then cross-referenced to one (or occasionally more) of the 'Organization' Categories. There are a small number of Records which seemed worth adding to the Directory but which do not describe or list any walks etc. These have only been referenced in one of the generic 'Organization' Categories (as 'asterisked' Records), e.g. *Administrative Geography of the United Kingdom.

A third Section of the Categorization has been developed: Particular Types of Walks in the UK - which contains cross-references of (for the most part) A-Z Records having a particular focus: e.g. Canals and Rivers, Coastal Walks, Disused Railways etc.


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The system should search for one or more than one character string within all of these Fields across the whole Directory:

  • Category Title See the Directory summary page or the Sitemap for the Categories I use
  • Title of the Record Whether the Title is of an 'A-Z' or an 'Asterisked' Record
  • The WEBSITE URL for the Website from which the data in the Directory Record is taken
  • Type of Walk OR Type of Website Tagged lists
  • Description from (Often) hyperlinked name of the external Organization or Person with (overall) responsibility for the information I have reproduced in my Entry
  • Discover The text of the 'KEY' Records, prepared for each Locality and Provider Category, and of the ‘OTHER’ Records - citing Links to the Websites (and Facebook Pages) of ‘supplementary’ Entities which do not (currently) have ‘Full’ Records in the Directory.
  • See also The hyperlinked Titles of (Sections of) other Websites of interest and relevance, sometimes together with the name of the person/organization responsible for the Websites
  • The Locality, Area, Region, Country Fields. The Starting from Field is also searched - a Field used primarily (roughly) to indicate the place where the walk or walks I have described in a Record can be 'started from'.

Advanced Search

This allows more precise searches of the Directory, for instance using a combination of one or more elements in a number of drop-down Field lists. Note that the default is (Boolean) "and".  It can be a good idea to press Reset before doing your Search (especially if you have already done an Advanced Search or used the 'Filter Listings' function during a particular session).


Browse using the Explore/Organization Categories, the A-Z at the top of the page, the breadcrumbs, the hyperlinks within each Record, or the All Listings/Filter function

The majority of Records fall naturally into one specific category of the 'EXPLORE Walks all over the UK' classification. A relatively small number of walks and organizations I have allocated to more than one category, rather than place them in the next higher level of the hierarchy; but this is the exception rather than the rule. This particularly since you can use the All Listings function to pull into one sequence the (primary) Records of a Category and any Sub-Categories it has. The resulting Listings can then be displayed Alphabetical or Most Visited or Recently Added; and you can Filter listings by one or a combination of hyperlinked elements. The hyperlinks are in blue type (apart from the Title of each Record in the 'Brief' Title list or its Category Heading which are in green).


If it seems likely to be helpful (or I just find it interesting) , there is some fuller information about each 'Walk' or 'Organization' in its 'Full' Record

Note especially that this further information is simply copied from the relevant Website (as is virtually all the other data in the Directory) and placed in 'single quotes'. You can access the 'Full' Record for an Entry by clicking the Title of its 'Brief' Record in one of the relevant Listings.


If you need more details ...

Click on Glossary or About in the shaded bar at the top of the screen.


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