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'Meets approximately every two weeks. We aim to have two walks departing from the same place,  a longer one of about 5 miles and a shorter one about 3 miles in length.'

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'Walking with the Leicestershire and Rutland Walking Group is a great way to get exercise, socialising while you go! The group is an active and friendly walking club for people in their 20s, 30s and 40's. It caters for a wide range of abilities and fitness levels and welcomes new members ...'

Category Leicestershire
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'We walk at a leisurely pace, talk a lot and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly ... Have you ever thought that you need more exercise? Well, walking with us is a fairly painless pursuit as we're not into route marches or hill walking ...'

Category Southend-on-Sea
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Four 'Walking' Groups listed (but note that their 'Special Interest' Walking Website did not seem to have been recently updated when this Record was created). Also, the Group Walking for Softies 'would welcome new members. They have a small core of members who come regularly, and a larger number who come only occasionally, so there is plenty of room for new members ...'

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'We are a friendly walking group that arranges a regular programme of walks, social events, coach outings, and holidays for members. We also maintain rights of way in the area, provide courses for members on map reading and becoming walk leaders. We have produced books of walks in our local region.'

Category Lewes
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'We are a friendly welcoming group who meet regularly for social and outdoor activities. We organise walks, weekend trips, restaurant evenings etc.'

Category Lincoln
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'The Lincoln Group organise regular monthly walks and meet all over the county. Several of the regular Lincoln walkers also join in East Midlands GOC events. Due to this fact we occasionally decide to combine events. Always check out the East Midlands events, walks, camping weekends, canal trips etc.'

Category Lincoln
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'Series Events are walks on either a Sunday morning or Summer Tuesday/Wednesday evening with a published start time. You can walk either independently or as part of a group.'.

'Permanent Trails are walk routes which you can walk at any time of the year ... If you are downloading to walk at a later date, please remember to check if an updated route description is available before setting out ... '.

Category Lincolnshire
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'Group of the Ramblers aimed for people in their 20's, 30's and 40's. If you'd like to get away from the day to day stresses of modern life or you enjoy the countryside and you simply want to get some exercise, then we offer you an easy way to make new friends and enjoy the great outdoors.'

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'Liverpool HF Ramblers was formed in 1916 and is associated with HF Holidays Ltd. Its objects shall be: a. To provide for the healthy enjoyment of leisure by walking / rambling; b. To encourage the love of the open air; c. To appreciate and conserve the environment.'

Category Liverpool
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'We are a group of people who enjoy walking in the countryside with friends who share our enjoyment. We feel better, physically and mentally, after a good walk. We want to share with others the enjoyment and benefits we have have found from walking in the dales and fells.'

Category Liverpool
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'A friendly and active collection of people who enjoy a varied and interesting programme of walks and social activities. Formed in 1984, the group has seen membership soar in recent years to over 300, making it the biggest RA group in West Wales.'

Category Carmarthenshire
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'Formed in March 2005 by the Mawr Development Trust when trust member, Terry Davies, was handed the task of encouraging local communities to take part in planned walks throughout south and west Wales. The club now has more than 250 members and some 40 members regularly turn up to each walk ... The Lliw Walking Club was formed in June 2016. It has replaced the Mawr Walking Club which was formed in 2005. The renaming was necessary due to unforseen circumstances. It is just the name that has changed.'

Category Swansea
Starting fromCommunity of Mawr
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'Come and walk with us! You will find us a friendly and welcoming group of people. There is no commitment when you first walk with us, but we will ask you to join Ramblers if after two or three times out with us, you would like to do more both with us and to support the campaigning work of the Ramblers nationally ... '

Category Wokingham
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'We meet at least once a month usually for a walk of about 10 miles, enjoying the countryside within striking distance of London, or the more picturesque parts of London itself.'

Category London
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'London Tubewalkers are a group of people who are walking between all the stations, however instead of doing it on a line-by-line basis, they are doing it alphabetically. They are going at a very leisurely pace and you can join them on their walks.'

Category London
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'Established in 1975 with the aim of preserving our local footpaths by walking them, we are forty years old and have a membership of around 150 people ...'

Category High Peak
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'We are a friendly group of people who enjoy walking in the local countryside. Rambles are held every Saturday, usually starting at 10.30 am prompt ... The rambles are generally within 30 minutes of LOUGHBOROUGH by car and are between 5 & 8 miles. Usually we walk at 2 miles per hour, we want to enjoy the views ...' Unfortunately the original Website cited here seems to have disappeared.

Category Charnwood
Starting fromLoughborough
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'There are walks on most Sundays throughout the year and weekday evening pub walks in the summer. Walks are graded from short and easy for the less fit or beginner through to more strenuous hill walks ...'

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'Manchester and District Walkers (MAD Walkers) 20s and 30s group, a local group of the Ramblers Association for people who live in and around the Greater Manchester area.'

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'Maesteg Ramblers is aimed at people of all ages. Our primary aim is to promote walking and to visit places that are just around the corner, that you may never have known were there.'

Category Bridgend
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'Maghull Rambling Club, formed in 1976, is a friendly, informal organisation which aims to provide country walks for people who either wish to start a new pastime, or who are already experienced in hill and mountain walking.'

Category Sefton
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'Welcome to the home of dedicated Malvern Hills District walkers, who enjoy everything to do with walking over, around, and across the Malvern Hills and surrounding countryside and bordering Counties ... '

Category Malvern Hills
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'We are a group of people who love walking and who appreciate our beautiful countryside.'

Category Manchester
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'Our Club welcomes new members to our fortnightly rambles which take place on Saturdays, last pickup point is at 12.45 pm Mansfield Woodhouse Railway Station.'

Category Mansfield
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Have published four books of walks in conjunction with Lily Publications: 'Each book contains various walks with corresponding maps and map references, directions and photographs pertaining to each individual walk. The books are designed specifically to fit inside a map case, which can be worn whilst walking. The route of each walk is superimposed onto these maps, therefore making it easier to follow the written text'.

Category Isle of Man
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'We are a walking group based in the Medway Towns. Our current membership is around 150 although it is unusual to have more than 40 members on a walk. We walk mainly on Sunday mornings with some longer Saturday walks and in summer occasional evening walks. We walk all year.'

Category Medway
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'We organise regular walks in the East Midlands with occasional forays further a-field. All walks are under the supervision of a leader.'

Category Melton
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'We are a self-help, self-managed lifelong learning co-operative for older people no longer in full time work, providing opportunities for our members to share learning experiences in a wide range of interest groups and to pursue learning not for qualifications but for fun ... We have more than 600 members and over 70 interest groups.'

Category Melton
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'A very active organisation. There is a regular walks programme both within the parish of Meopham and further afield. Walks are held on Sundays and mid week throughout the year, with evening walks during the summer months ... The Group has now been in existence for 50 years and has over 250 members. It was formed out of adversity in 1962 when our Founder and President Mrs. Pat Wilson found a footpath, close to her home at Harvel, was closed by a major obstruction ...'

Category Gravesham
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'We are a friendly and sociable group based in Liverpool with planned walks and socials with over 250 members in and around Merseyside. The Group is aimed at people in their 20’s, 30’s and the young at heart. We have members as far as North Wales, Southport, and Manchester and welcome anyone to our group.'

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'The London Borough of Merton includes Wimbledon, Mitcham, Morden, Colliers Wood and Raynes Park.'

Category Merton
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'The London-based walking group for people in their 20s and 30s. We organise walks in London and the South East as well as weekend trips throughout the UK. The group is run by volunteers and we welcome new members.'

Category Inner London
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'We are friendly group of people who enjoy participating in a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Members are from all walks of life and are encouraged to share their interests and skills with the rest of the group. We have been going for nearly 25 years and are affiliated to the YHA.'

Category Medway
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'The Group was formed in 1973 and currently has over 500 members. We offer a varied programme of walks throughout the year to suit all ages and walking abilities.'

Category Mid Sussex
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'The Society was founded in 1961 to associate all those who are interested in keeping open and well-marked the public rights of way in Cheshire. Our area of operation covers the majority of the county and is bounded by Runcorn, Warrington South of the Mersey, Lymm, the M6 motorway, Crewe, Audlem, Malpas and Chester.'

Category Cheshire
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'Sunday Walks are held every three weeks throughout the year ... Shorter mid-week (Thursday) walks are held every two weeks. These are usually easier, with an emphasis on enjoying the landscape ...'

Category Mid Ulster
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'Welcome to the best walking club in Scotland ... one of the largest R.A. clubs in Scotland, and the first Scottish R.A. club on the Internet! We are based in the Monklands area of Central Scotland in North Lanarkshire, some 12 miles east of Glasgow.'

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'We are a friendly and welcoming group of people. Every Sunday, we offer a strenuous walk of generally ten to fifteen miles, often over the rough and rugged terrain of Dartmoor. The walks generally start at 10am from different places around Dartmoor.'

Category Devon
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'We are a local walking group operating in Staffordshire. There are no membership fees just come and join us for an enjoyable walk. We cater for New Walkers and can provide advice relating to walking equipment and conduct.'

Category Stoke-on-Trent
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'Arrange walks of all grades plus social events related to the outdoors, including annual weekends away, with Christmas and midsummer meal for combined long and short walks.'

Category Morayshire
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'Aims are to provide for group rambling, to promote the healthy enjoyment of leisure, the love of open air, social and international friendships and to organize holiday-making and other activities within these objectuves ...'

Category Lancaster
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'We are always delighted to welcome new walkers, both Morley students and Friends and anyone else out there.... Why not join us for a couple of trial walks after which we will be pleased to offer you membership of the club at a modest £8 per annum. Non-students will be invited to join the Friends for an additional £5.'

Starting fromMorley College
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'If you would like to join us on a walk to experience what it is all about, have a look at the Walking Programme and choose from one of the many walks you would like to accompany us on ... A maximum of 2 walks can be taken as a guest and full membership would be expected thereafter ... After the walk, you will undoubtedly have had a marvellous time, and will want to join the Society ... The Society celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014!'

Category Castle Morpeth
Starting fromAround and About Morpeth
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'Mountain rescue team members are on call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Over the last few years, we've recovered climbers from precipitous crags, reunited lost walkers with their pals and ensured injured and sick casualties have been treated and transported into vital hospital care ... '

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'MWIS currently produce forecasts for 8 different mountain areas of the UK as an aid to mountain safety. These forecasts are now viewed by 2.3 million visitors to our website a year, and can be read on the appropriate webpage, downloaded as a printable PDF, or accessed via internet enabled mobile phone.'

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'Whether you’re an elite climber, just learning the ropes at a climbing wall, or getting into hill walking and wanting to learn about safety, the MCofS is here to help you get even more from your chosen mountain activity in this great country.'

Category Scotland
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'We are the Mourne Rambling Group, a hill walking club providing 2 or 3 levels of walks every Sunday in the Mourne mountains ... However, please note, we are a hill walking club and you must be fit enough to walk hills and not just on the flat.'

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'Walks in one of the best hill-walking areas on the planet. Our walks programme contains a mixture of classic Lochaber hill-walks, such as the Ring of Steall or the Five Sisters of Kintail, and less well-known outings.'

Category Inverness-shire
Starting fromLochaber
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'A club dedicated to walking in Northumberland and Durham.' (Check What's On for forthcoming proposed walks.)

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'This is one of the oldest Rambling Clubs in the country, with a continuous history since 1902. Originally we were a local group of two organisations: CHA - once the "Co-operative Holidays Association" - now Countrywide Holidays taken over by Ramblers Holidays; HF - once “Holidays Fellowship” - now HF Holidays. Ramblers Holidays and HF Holidays still provide walking holidays or special interest holidays in Great Britain and abroad. '

Starting fromAround and About
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'Formed in 1982. Due to the particular location of the town, which is in Suffolk but almost completely surrounded by Cambridgeshire, the group attracted members from both counties ... The Newmarket group's official catchment area extends along the western fringe of Suffolk and includes the expanding town of Haverhill.'

Category Forest Heath
Starting fromNewmarket
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'Newmarket U3A is a friendly group of active citizens living in the town and surrounding area. There's a lot going on in Newmarket. Please come and join us, make new friends and keep that brain ticking over.'

Category Forest Heath
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'We are a friendly group that offers walks, cycling, social activities and weekends away to suit all ages and abilities. We offer at least one walk a week and usually more during the Summer months. Walks vary from 3 miles to 12+ miles. There is something for everyone who enjoys walking.'

Starting fromAround and About
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'You don't have to live in Newton Abbot - our members come from Exeter, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Torbay, Totnes, Ashburton, Buckfastleigh and beyond ...'

Category Teignbridge
Starting fromNewton Abbot
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'The original brand & award winning leading authority on Nordic Walking across the UK.'

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Like other U3As 'is an autonomous organisation with over 1000 members who have the opportunity to participate in over 50 different activities'.

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'Based in the Farnborough, Aldershot and Fleet area and is the local group of the Hampshire area of the Ramblers Association covering Rushmoor and Hart districts.'

Category Rushmoor
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'We are a local walking group that are members of the Ramblers' Association. We have a varied walks programme that includes Leisurely/Easy - not difficult, shorter walks, ideal for beginners, through to Strenuous - more challenging walks, for the experienced walker.'

Category Ramblers Groups
Starting fromEbbw Vale
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'Represents the local group of the Ramblers covering Basingstoke and the surrounding area ... The beautiful and diverse Hampshire countryside offers many opportunities for interesting walks with its idyllic hidden villages, glorious open countryside and wooded hills.'

Starting fromAround and About
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North Herts Ramblers won the Ramblers' Best Led Walks Programme Award for the UK in 2013. 'The successful Walks Programme has been evolving over a number of years. The traditional Sunday long walk of 10 to 15 miles continues as the central feature and can attract ten to thirty people. The majority of the walks are in the North Hertfordshire countryside but can extend out into The Chilterns ... '

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'Our aim is to provide members the opportunity to experience the joys of hill walking in the beautiful British Countryside over a weekend at least once a month. In addition, we also try to do at least one nearby day walk once a month on either Saturday or Sunday.'

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'We are a small friendly walking club who meet every Tuesday at the North Town community base. Our aim is to create a circle of friends who regularly participate in a short stroll together for an hour followed by a cup of tea and chat. We hope our group encourages our members to adopt a more active life style, and is suitable for those who wish to walk a little more in their lives.'

Category Rushmoor
Starting fromNorth Lane, Aldershot
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'An independent club that has been organising walks from the Scunthorpe area for over ten years.'

Starting fromScunthorpe
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'Barnet YHA Group (also known as North London Outdoor Group) is a Local YHA Group, currently with 70 members in the age range 30s to 50s and above, living in North London and Hertfordshire.'

Category Barnet
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'We organise varied rambles and interest visits around London and the Home Counties each Saturday, and sometimes mid-week, always using public transport. Our walks are from 6 up to 15+ miles long. Enjoy the countryside, get some exercise, and unwind. We're a friendly group, all ages welcome, but the core ranges from 30 to 60+.'

Category Outer London
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'We are a medium-sized U3A with nearly 700 members. We cover an area of North London including Archway, Highgate, Hornsey, Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Finchley, Friern Barnet and surrounding areas.'

Category Haringey
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Details of Walks - usually held once per month on Saturdays - around and about the North West of England. ALERT The North West Branch does not now seem to be cited, as such.

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'We are a friendly informal walking group based in North West London running walks within London and the nearby countryside and have been established for over 75 years. The walks take place on Sundays and Thursdays each week. Other activities include pub lunches and visits to places of interest.'

Category Outer London
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'We at Northallerton Ramblers pride ourselves on our friendliness and welcoming attitude to new members. You are welcome to walk with us before you join so that you can be sure that you are happy with our approach to walking ... '

Category Hambleton
Starting fromNorthallerton
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'We are a group of 450 members. ... Membership benefits include our map library, our newsletter and other facilities on this website (local walk descriptions and updated maps).'

Category Northampton
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'The Group comprises people of all ages and backgrounds and various levels of fitness. Although many members are keen walkers, most group events are relatively non-challenging to allow all members to participate.'

Category Northampton
Starting fromAround and About
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'We are a group of people in their 20s, 30s and 40s, from in and around Northamptonshire, who enjoy walking, scrambling, climbing and generally having a bit of fun. Our walks are now on most weekends and range from short local walks to longer hikes in more interesting areas a bit further afield, such as the Peak District, Cotswolds, Chilterns, South Downs etc.'

Category Northamptonshire
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'The Inaugural meeting was held on July 6th 2011. We already have over 400 members and over 40 groups getting started on all sorts of topics, ranging from Theatre, Walking and Bridge to Greek, Architecture and Indian Music. Something for everyone!'

Category Hillingdon
Starting fromNorthwood
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'Offers full day, Sunday outings throughout the year for all ages, and capabilities. All Norwest Fell Walkers outings are by coach with Pick Up points around Leyland, Bamber Bridge, Lostock Hall, Penwortham, Preston and Fulwood.

Starting fromAround and About
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'An active walking club with a long tradition dating back to its formation in 1923. The Club organises walking holidays, Sunday and mid-week rambles and social events. Current club membership is around 250.'

Category Nottingham
Starting fromAround and About
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'Our programme covers a wide range of locations in both our local countryside and areas further afield such as the Peak District. All of the walks are led by Ramblers’ members to whom we are very grateful.'

Category Nottingham
Starting fromAround and About
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'Our main activity now ... is taking part in a programme of medium-length walks, mainly around Nottinghamshire, on every other Tuesday throughout the year. During the summer months we also do some shorter walks, also on Tuesdays'

Category Nottinghamshire
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'We are independent of, but affiliated to the Ramblers. We organise walks nearly every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and in the summer there are some short evening walks.'

Starting fromNuneaton
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'Our walking group gets together on the first Tuesday each month and whilst we have strayed outside the county on a few occasions the walks are usually within a 12 mile radius of Wigston. We rarely exceed 5 miles on a walk, starting at a local pub and returning there for lunch, which is always welcome ... '

Category Oadby & Wigston
Starting fromAround and About
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'Our Club has several very active Groups in EAST SUSSEX ~ where we have been arranging and leading Walking Events regularly since 2007. Our working base is now near Alfriston, in the Cuckmere River Valley of East Sussex. There we have access to some of the best walking in the South Downs ... No annual subscription for members, or "joining Fee" : instead we operate a pay-per-walk subscription system ~ and we keep the subs as low as possible to support our promotion activities, website and event planning activities on behalf of members.'

Category Wealden
Starting fromAlfriston
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'For some people, the words "Rambling Club" conjure up an impression of vigorously fit individuals bounding energetically for vast distances over hill and dale in all weathers. This image has an off putting effect on a lot of people who just want to go for a nice walk in the country. Going for a nice walk in the beautiful North Hampshire countryside is just what we do!'

Starting fromOakley
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'We are a friendly, welcoming North West London based walking group that meets every Thursday for six to eight mile walks, starting at tube or main line stations around London and the South East ... On average ten to twelve people walk each week, and on most walks we usually find time for refreshments at a cafe or pub along the way to supplement our packed lunches.'

Category Outer London
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'Opportunities in Retirement (OiR Ayr) was founded in 1985 and is a charitable organisation for people over 50. The organisation exists to encourage and facilitate interesting activities for the membership which is drawn from Ayr and the surrounding district. Most groups depend on the initiative, skills and voluntary contributions of individual members.'

Category South Ayrshire
Starting fromAyr
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'An organisation for the over-50's. Membership is around 600, drawn mostly from Largs, Skelmorlie, Wemyss Bay, Fairlie and West Kilbride. It was founded in 1987. The organisation exists to encourage and facilitate interesting activities for those who have retired, or who may be thinking about it. Most activity groups depend on the initiative, skills and voluntary contributions of individual members ... '

Category North Ayrshire
Starting fromLargs
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'The Friday Walking group (formally known as the Life Long Learning Walking Group or LLL), originated as a self help group in which people come together to share experience, knowledge, and interests on a variety of topics, one of which was walking. The Ormskirk Friday Walking Group is now just a walking group.'

Category West Lancashire
Starting fromOrmskirk
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'Orpington U3A is one of over 800 independent U3As in the UK with a total membership of nearly 300,000 ... Anyone no longer in full time employment living in or near Orpington is able to join. We currently have over 1100 members and the subscription is still only £10 per annum.'

Category Bromley
Starting fromOrpington
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'We walk between 5 and 14 miles most weekends, with a stop for either a pub lunch or a picnic on the majority of rambles. In the summer months there are shorter evening rambles. We also run two long weekend walking breaks each year and most years have a long distance walk. We hold several social activities during the year.'

Category Oxford
Starting fromAround and About
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'Perhaps the best known activity of the Oxford Fieldpaths Society is the organisation of a programme of walks ... Formed in 1926, the Oxford Fieldpaths Society (OFS) is one of the UK's oldest walking groups. The society was formed to protect the footpaths, bridlepaths and commons in the neighbourhood of Oxford, ensuring that they do not fall out of use and be forgotten.'

Category Oxford
Starting fromAround and About
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'Thank you for showing an interest in our area. We are mainly a walking group, with the additional attraction of a few invited suppers, BBQs, Christmas events, etc. Most of our regular members are males over forty, but we do attract and of course welcome younger males and ladies ... We are a fairly new and small group formed from the much larger BERKS & MID THAMES GROUP (hereafter referred to as "BERKS") to focus on the Oxford area. Many of our members contribute to BERKS events and vice versa.'

Category Oxford
Starting fromAround and About
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'Most people come on two or three walks before joining the group officially so there is no problem your just coming on a walk to try the group out and we'd be happy to see you there ... Whilst this walking group was initiated to cater for people in their 20's and 30's, the membership also includes those over this age range. To cater for this we have a sister group, the Weekend Walkers.'

Category Oxfordshire
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'Palmers Green & Southgate U3A was launched in February 2014 with an Open Meeting in the Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green which was attended by 230 people. The Mayor of Enfield formally opened our new U3A at the Inaugural Meeting in April 2014.'

Category Enfield
Starting fromPalmers Green and Southgate
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'Has been active for well over 100 years, promoting the interests of public footpath users in the North Midlands and North West of England. We monitor, protect, and improve the footpath network for the benefit of all.'

Category North West
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Views of 'Full' Record4107

'First formed in 1974, and we have grown into a flourishing and friendly association of walkers and extend a warm welcome to visitors in this beautiful part of Wales ...'

Category Pembrokeshire
Starting fromAround and About
Visits to the Website789
Views of 'Full' Record1433

'We are a friendly walking group in our 20s, 30s, and 40s who enjoy being outdoors and meet up every other Sunday throughout the year in all weathers! Our programme offers walks and social activities to suit all tastes and abilities. But don't worry you don't have to do everything - join us whenever it suits.'

Category Peterborough
Starting fromAround and About
Visits to the Website522
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'Welcome to the website of The Phoenix Walking Club. We are based in North Tyneside and are a very active club. We have around 420 members. Every six days, so it isn't the same day each week, we hire two 53 seater coaches to take us to our destination where a choice of walks between 8 to 16 miles will be available.'

Starting fromAround and About
Visits to the Website1344
Views of 'Full' Record1900

'We walk regularly on Sundays, Wednesdays and in the Summer on Thursday evenings. There are often two walks on Sundays and Wednesdays one being up to 10 miles and the other a longer or more strenuous one usually 8 to 12 miles long.'

Category Plymouth
Starting fromAround and About
Visits to the Website302
Views of 'Full' Record1686

'We organise walks every Sunday and Bank Holidays. Walks vary from 6 to 10 miles. We also have regular social events and an annual holiday.'

Category Portsmouth
Starting fromAround and About
Visits to the Website663
Views of 'Full' Record1504

'Walking is at the core of what we do, and we are lucky to have some of England's most beautiful scenery within easy reach (not that we're biased, of course!) ...'

Starting fromAround and About
Visits to the Website567
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A-Z of Localities used in the Directory

  1. Aberdeenshire
  2. Adur Worthing
  3. Allerdale
  4. Alnwick
  5. Amber Valley
  6. Angus
  7. Antrim Newtownabbey
  8. Argyllshire
  9. Armagh Banbridge Craigavon
  10. Arun
  11. Ashfield
  12. Ashford
  13. Aylesbury Vale
  14. Babergh
  15. Banffshire
  16. Barking Dagenham
  17. Barnet
  18. Barnsley
  19. Barrow-in-Furness
  20. Basildon
  21. Basingstoke Deane
  22. Bassetlaw
  23. Bath North East Somerset
  24. Bedford (Borough)
  25. Belfast
  26. Berwick-Upon-Tweed
  27. Berwickshire
  28. Bexley
  29. Birmingham
  30. Blaby
  31. Blackburn with Darwen
  32. Blackpool
  33. Blaenau Gwent
  34. Blyth Valley Wansbeck
  35. Bolsover
  36. Bolton
  37. Boston
  38. Bournemouth
  39. Bracknell Forest
  40. Bradford
  41. Braintree
  42. Breckland
  43. Brecknockshire
  44. Brent (Borough)
  45. Brentwood
  46. Bridgend
  47. Brighton Hove
  48. Bristol
  49. Broadland
  50. Bromley
  51. Bromsgrove
  52. Broxbourne
  53. Broxtowe
  54. Burnley
  55. Bury (Lancashire)
  56. Buteshire
  57. Caernarfonshire
  58. Caerphilly
  59. Caithness
  60. Calderdale
  61. Cambridge (City)
  62. Camden
  63. Cannock Chase
  64. Canterbury
  65. Cardiff
  66. Carlisle
  67. Carmarthenshire
  68. Castle Morpeth
  69. Castle Point
  70. Causeway Coast Glens
  71. Central Bedfordshire
  72. Ceredigion
  73. Charnwood
  74. Chelmsford
  75. Cheltenham
  76. Cherwell
  77. Cheshire East
  78. Cheshire West and Chester
  79. Chesterfield
  80. Chichester
  81. Chiltern
  82. Chorley
  83. Christchurch
  84. City of Aberdeen
  85. City of Dundee
  86. City of Edinburgh
  87. City of Glasgow
  88. City of London
  89. Clackmannanshire
  90. Colchester
  91. Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
  92. Conwy
  93. Copeland
  94. Corby
  95. Cotswold
  96. County Durham
  97. Coventry
  98. Craven
  99. Crawley
  100. Croydon
  101. Dacorum
  102. Darlington
  103. Dartford
  104. Daventry
  105. Denbighshire
  106. Derby (City)
  107. Derbyshire Dales
  108. Derry City Strabane
  109. Doncaster
  110. Dover
  111. Dudley
  112. Dumfriesshire
  113. Ealing
  114. East Ayrshire
  115. East Cambridgeshire
  116. East Cornwall
  117. East Devon
  118. East Dorset
  119. East Dunbartonshire
  120. East Hampshire
  121. East Hertfordshire
  122. East Lindsey
  123. East Lothian
  124. East Northamptonshire
  125. East Renfrewshire
  126. East Riding of Yorkshire
  127. East Staffordshire
  128. Eastbourne
  129. Eastleigh
  130. Eden
  131. Elmbridge
  132. Enfield
  133. Epping Forest
  134. Epsom Ewell
  135. Erewash
  136. Exeter
  137. Falkirk
  138. Fareham
  139. Fenland
  140. Fermanagh Omagh
  141. Fife
  142. Flintshire
  143. Forest Heath
  144. Forest of Dean
  145. Fylde
  146. Gateshead
  147. Gedling
  148. Gloucester (City)
  149. Gosport
  150. Gravesham
  151. Great Yarmouth
  152. Greenwich
  153. Guildford
  154. Hackney
  155. Halton
  156. Hambleton
  157. Hammersmith Fulham
  158. Harborough
  159. Haringey
  160. Harlow
  161. Harrogate
  162. Harrow
  163. Hart (Hampshire)
  164. Hartlepool
  165. Hastings
  166. Havant
  167. Havering
  168. Hereford (City)
  169. Hertsmere
  170. High Peak
  171. Hillingdon
  172. Hinckley Bosworth
  173. Horsham
  174. Hounslow
  175. Huntingdonshire
  176. Hyndburn
  177. Inverclyde
  178. Inverness-shire
  179. Ipswich
  180. Isle of Anglesey
  181. Isle of Man
  182. Isle of Wight
  183. Isles of Scilly
  184. Islington
  185. Kennet
  186. Kensington Chelsea
  187. Kettering
  188. Kincardineshire
  189. King's Lynn and West Norfolk
  190. Kingston upon Hull
  191. Kingston upon Thames
  192. Kinross-shire
  193. Kirkcudbrightshire
  194. Kirklees
  195. Knowsley
  196. Lambeth
  197. Lancaster
  198. Leeds
  199. Leicester (City)
  200. Lewes
  201. Lewisham
  202. Lichfield
  203. Lincoln (City)
  204. Lisburn Castlereagh
  205. Liverpool
  206. Luton
  207. Maidstone
  208. Maldon
  209. Malvern Hills
  210. Manchester
  211. Mansfield
  212. Medway
  213. Melton
  214. Mendip
  215. Merioneth
  216. Merthyr Tydfil
  217. Merton
  218. Mid Devon
  219. Mid East Antrim
  220. Mid Suffolk
  221. Mid Sussex
  222. Mid Ulster
  223. Middlesbrough
  224. Midlothian
  225. Milton Keynes
  226. Mole Valley
  227. Monmouthshire
  228. Montgomeryshire
  229. Moray
  230. Nairnshire
  231. Neath Port Talbot
  232. New Forest
  233. Newark Sherwood
  234. Newcastle upon Tyne
  235. Newcastle-under-Lyme
  236. Newham
  237. Newport
  238. Newry Mourne Down
  239. North Ayrshire
  240. North Devon
  241. North Dorset
  242. North Down Ards
  243. North East Derbyshire
  244. North East Lincolnshire
  245. North Herefordshire
  246. North Hertfordshire
  247. North Kesteven
  248. North Lanarkshire
  249. North Lincolnshire
  250. North Norfolk
  251. North Shropshire
  252. North Somerset
  253. North Tyneside
  254. North Warwickshire
  255. North West Leicestershire
  256. North Wiltshire
  257. Northampton (Borough)
  258. Norwich
  259. Nottingham
  260. Nuneaton Bedworth
  261. Oadby Wigston
  262. Oldham
  263. Orkney Islands
  264. Oxford (City)
  265. Peeblesshire
  266. Pembrokeshire
  267. Pendle
  268. Perthshire
  269. Peterborough
  270. Plymouth
  271. Poole
  272. Portsmouth
  273. Preston
  274. Purbeck
  275. Radnorshire
  276. Reading
  277. Redbridge
  278. Redcar Cleveland
  279. Redditch
  280. Reigate Banstead
  281. Rhondda Cynon Taf
  282. Ribble Valley
  283. Richmond upon Thames
  284. Richmondshire
  285. Rochdale
  286. Rochford
  287. Ross-shire Cromartyshire
  288. Rossendale
  289. Rother (Sussex)
  290. Rotherham
  291. Roxburghshire
  292. Rugby
  293. Runnymede
  294. Rushcliffe
  295. Rushmoor
  296. Rutland
  297. Ryedale
  298. Salford
  299. Salisbury
  300. Sandwell
  301. Scarborough
  302. Sedgemoor
  303. Sefton
  304. Selby
  305. Selkirkshire
  306. Sevenoaks
  307. Sheffield
  308. Shepway
  309. Shetland Islands
  310. Shrewsbury
  311. Slough
  312. Solihull
  313. South Ayrshire
  314. South Bucks
  315. South Cambridgeshire
  316. South Derbyshire
  317. South Gloucestershire
  318. South Hams
  319. South Herefordshire
  320. South Holland
  321. South Kesteven
  322. South Lakeland
  323. South Lanarkshire
  324. South Norfolk
  325. South Northamptonshire
  326. South Oxfordshire
  327. South Ribble
  328. South Shropshire
  329. South Somerset
  330. South Staffordshire
  331. South Tyneside
  332. Southampton
  333. Southend-on-Sea
  334. Southwark
  335. Spelthorne
  336. St Albans
  337. St Edmundsbury
  338. St Helens
  339. Stafford (Borough)
  340. Staffordshire Moorlands
  341. Stevenage
  342. Stirling
  343. Stockport
  344. Stockton-on-Tees
  345. Stoke-on-Trent
  346. Stratford-on-Avon
  347. Stroud
  348. Suffolk Coastal
  349. Sunderland
  350. Surrey Heath
  351. Sutherland
  352. Sutton
  353. Swale
  354. Swansea
  355. Swindon
  356. Tameside
  357. Tamworth
  358. Tandridge
  359. Taunton Deane
  360. Teignbridge
  361. Telford Wrekin
  362. Tendring
  363. Test Valley
  364. Tewkesbury
  365. Thanet
  366. The Scottish Borders
  367. The Vale of Glamorgan
  368. Three Rivers
  369. Thurrock
  370. Tonbridge Malling
  371. Torbay
  372. Torfaen
  373. Torridge
  374. Tower Hamlets
  375. Trafford
  376. Tunbridge Wells
  377. Tynedale
  378. Uttlesford
  379. Vale of White Horse
  380. Wakefield
  381. Walsall
  382. Waltham Forest
  383. Wandsworth
  384. Warrington
  385. Warwick (District)
  386. Watford
  387. Waveney
  388. Waverley
  389. Wealden
  390. Wellingborough
  391. Welwyn Hatfield
  392. West Berkshire
  393. West Cornwall
  394. West Devon
  395. West Dorset
  396. West Dunbartonshire
  397. West Lancashire
  398. West Lindsey
  399. West Lothian
  400. West Oxfordshire
  401. West Somerset
  402. West Wiltshire
  403. Westminster
  404. Weymouth Portland
  405. Wigan
  406. Wigtownshire
  407. Winchester
  408. Windsor Maidenhead
  409. Wirral
  410. Woking (Surrey)
  411. Wokingham
  412. Wolverhampton
  413. Worcester
  414. Wrexham
  415. Wychavon
  416. Wycombe
  417. Wyre (Lancashire)
  418. Wyre Forest
  419. York (City)

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