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'Get your walking shoes on and come and enjoy some of our wonderful walks through the finest countryside.'

The Trust operates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is a separate National Trust for Scotland.


'There are many places where you can enjoy the natural environment, for healthy exercise, the challenge of a long walk, a horse or cycle ride, or to experience nature and appreciate its quiet tranquillity and inspiring landscapes ... The Countryside Code applies to all parts of the countryside. Most of it is just good common sense, designed to help us all to respect, protect and enjoy our countryside.'


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'We want to create a world where everyone feels connected to the environment so they can enjoy the benefits it gives and make choices that help protect it ... We offer opportunities for people to engage with the outdoors for their benefit ... We inspire people to be passionate about the environment.'



'Find out where you can walk in Wales and what information you can get to plan your visit.'


'Protected Areas represent the very best of Scotland's landscapes, plants and animals, rocks, fossils and landforms.  Their protection and management will help to ensure that they remain in good health for all to enjoy, both now and for future generations. They may be designated to meet the needs of international directives and treaties, national legislation and policies or more local needs and interests.'


'We work with land owners who, for a variety of reasons, want to pass on responsibility (and often liability) for the management of an area of land. Ahead of taking responsibility and "ownership" we will identify and secure appropriate long-term funding (often in perpetuity) and management regimes, ensuring that the site has a sustainable future as green open space and crucially that it delivers against our charitable objectives. We now have ownership or long term management responsibility for over 2,000 ha of land with more than 50 spaces across England and are currently working on taking our first sites in Scotland.'

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