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'East Renfrewshire and Glasgow City councils are working together to create a new country park called Dams to Darnley within the greenspace next to Barrhead, Darnley and Newton Mearns.'

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East Renfrewshire and Glasgow City councils


'Walk in East Renfrewshire and find green hills, big views and miles of quiet paths. Most of our residents are lucky to live minutes from a path while visitors can discover how quickly they can escape the city. Choose a walk from our guide book "Walking in East Renfrewshire" ...'


'We were formed in 1987 and our first outing took place on the 14th June of that year. We have a membership of around 230 but we don't all turn out for every outing.'

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'The Irvine Valley towns of Darvel and Newmilns were, until recently, world famous in the manufacture of lace products ... Before the factory system was introduced with the advent of the power loom in 1872, lace was produced on handlooms in hundreds of cottages in the Valley. The handloom weavers in the days of this domestic system of manufacture then walked over the moor with their rolls of cloth to sell them in the markets of Paisley and Glasgow - hence the name The Weavers' Trail.'

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