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- Walking for Health - Walsall

*Barr Beacon Local Nature Reserve

'If you fancy getting away from it all, Barr Beacon might be just the nature reserve for you. Its only 3 miles from Walsall town centre, and it's one of the highest points in the West Midlands. It offers spectacular panoramic views, and from the top you can see surrounding landmarks including the Wrekin, Cannock Chase, Lichfield Cathedral, Birmingham City Centre, and the Lickey Hills. It's the high-point of the Beacon Way and a favourite walking spot for locals ...'

Description from

Walsall Council

*Merrions Wood Local Nature Reserve

'Merrions Wood is a wonderful oak and beech woodland 3 miles from Walsall town centre. Most people, when they visit for the first time, are amazed that this secret woodland is there, tucked away with its beautiful but unassuming entrance next to the historic Merrions Wood Lodge ...  A walk up the main path (which is actually part of the Beacon Way national trail) will amaze you at all times of the year, as the canopy of leaves and branches above form a natural cathedral.' ALERT Website no longer accessible; referenced Facebook Page instead.

Description from

The Friends of Merrions Wood

*Sutton Park Nature Reserve
Size (acreage)2200

'Sutton Park is one of the largest urban parks in Europe, being some 2,200 acres (900 hectares) in area.[1] Already a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), it gained National Nature Reserve (NNR) status in March 1997. This is a remarkable achievement as the park is situated just 7 miles (11 km) from the centre of Birmingham, the UK's second largest city. Seldom is such a large expanse of varied "rural" habitat found so close to the heart of a major city. Standing in the middle of Sutton Park, it is hard for a visitor to believe that the Park is surrounded on all sides by suburban sprawl.'

See also

Archaeology Walks [Friends of Sutton Park Association] | Sutton Park [Birmingham City Council]

*Walsall Group of the Ramblers

'If you think you might like to try us out for a few walks then you will be made very welcome, and can obtain an understanding from the photographs on our Site of the typical places we venture to throughout the year.'

Cuckoos' Nook and the Dingle Walk
Distance (miles)3

'A walk through Cuckoo's Nook and the Dingle nature reserve will take you through two completely different habitats, created by two different types of soil. The same walk will also transport you across 60 million years of geological time. That's because the reserve lies over a geological fault line, where on one side, coal measures lie near the surface, and on the other, limestone lies near the surface. This has a direct effect on the plant life that you'll find above the soil.'

Description from

Webb Family Walks

Walsall Walking and Cycling

'Spend the day walking and cycling around Walsall and you will be surprised by what you discover. There is something for everyone - from art galleries to parks, gardens and lakes.'

Description from

Canal & River Trust

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Walsall Canal

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