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The Category Salford is a subset of Greater Manchester.


The following Salford Entities do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Paths and Trails'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Salford U3A

Size (acreage)39

'A Grade II listed Victorian Cemetery with six listed monuments within 39 acres of green space. From the inscriptions on the monuments to beautifully crafted sculptures, Weaste Cemetery contains the biography of our community. With grassland untreated by chemicals since 1857 and woodland providing a habitat for butterflies and wild birds this is a real urban oasis. Together with Salford City Council, the Friends of Salford Cemeteries Trust have developed a Heritage Trail at Weaste Cemetery.'


'If you've picked up the heritage bug and want to explore Salford's history further for yourself, why not take the next step and go on one of our range of fascinating self-guided walks ... Each one encompasses a different area of the city.'

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'The rights of way improvement plan is a ten-year strategic document which is intended to be the prime means by which the council will identify the changes to be made to the local rights of way network to meet the government's aim of better provision for walkers, cyclists, equestrians, carriage drivers, motor vehicle users and people with mobility problems. It is a wide-ranging plan, covering all aspects of the management and improvement of the network to meet the likely future needs of the public.'

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Salford City Council

Distance (miles)55

‘Explore the heritage, countryside and rural areas of Salford with a series of ten walks. The Salford Trail is a long distance walk of about 50 miles/80 kilometres and entirely within the boundaries of the City of Salford. It was officially opened by Ramblers President, Stuart Maconie on the 30 May 2017.‘

Distance (miles)3

'Enjoy the chocolate-box black and white timbered houses, tranquil woodlands and the birthplace of the transport revolution – The Bridgewater Canal.'

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