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The Category Peterborough is a subset of Northamptonshire.


The following Peterborough Entities do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Paths and Trails'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Langdyke Countryside Trust

- Walking for Health - Peterborough

*Barnack Parish Council

Descriptions of a series of circular walks issued by Parishes in Barnack Ward.

*Bedford Purlieus National Nature Reserve
Size (acreage)520

'211 hectares (520 acres) of ancient woodland in Cambridgeshire, in the United Kingdom. It is a national nature reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest owned and managed by the Forestry Commission.'

Description from


*Nene Park

'The diversity of Nene Park makes it a special place. The variety of habitats from woodlands and meadow through to lakes and waterways creates a haven for wildlife. The distinct areas which form Nene Park are connected by the River Nene which runs through them for six miles.'

Description from

Nene Park Trust

*Peterborough Younger Walkers

'We are a friendly walking group in our 20s, 30s, and 40s who enjoy being outdoors and meet up every other Sunday throughout the year in all weathers! Our programme offers walks and social activities to suit all tastes and abilities. But don't worry you don't have to do everything - join us whenever it suits.'

*Ramblers - Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Area

'The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area committee is in the process of being reorganised and refreshed, and whilst this is happening Ramblers’ staff team are helping with the essential work of supporting groups.' (12 February 2016)

*The Walking Club

'Formed in 1991, our Club arranges walks/hikes on Sundays on a fortnightly basis. Although being based in the Peterborough and Stamford area, we explore the countryside throughout England, Scotland and Wales. We extend our range by overnight stays mainly in Youth Hostels.'

Peterborough Local Walking Guide

'This guide shows the locations of six individual circular walks within the Peterborough City boundaries and gives factual information about how to prepare for walking and its health benefits ...'

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