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'A friendly group which organises a range of walks. The Tuesday Walkers meet fortnightly in Kinross for a two hour walk, maximum 4 miles, which always ends at a coffee shop. The weekend walks are also fortnightly, alternating between Saturday and Sunday. Most walks are C or C+ grade, 5 to 8 miles, but there is also the odd excursion to bag a Munro.'


'Set on the southern shore of the loch, RSPB Loch Leven nature reserve offers a great day out for families, nature lovers and wildlife watchers alike. Formerly known as Vane Farm, we bought this reserve in 1967 as a centre for environmental education and it is still a fantastic place for children to explore and discover nature today ...'

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Distance (miles)4

'An accessible circuit taking in part of the shore of Loch Leven, including the chance to take the ferry to the Castle, and then returning through Kinross.'

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Distance (miles)8
Size (acreage)3400

'A unique trail linking natural, historic and cultural heritage around the north and east shores of Loch Leven. The Trail runs from the Pier, Kinross to RSPB Vane Farm, a distance of 12.5 kms.'

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TRACKS - The Rural Access Committee for Kinross-shire


'The newly developed Loch Leven Heritage Trail has awakened interest in Kinross-shire as a walking venue.  It provides a wonderful flat, fully accessible route around the majority of Loch Leven. However for those who are prepared to do a little bit of climbing there are tremendous rewards to be found elsewhere around Kinross-shire ...'

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