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The Category Enfield is a subset of London (North).


The following Enfield Entities do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Paths and Trails'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Palmers Green & Southgate U3A

*North London & South Herts Ramblers

'Most of our members live in Enfield, Barnet or Potters Bar. Living near the edge of London, we generally drive out to Hertfordshire or the Chilterns for our walks ...'

*Trent Country Park
Size (acreage)410

'One of the few surviving remnants of the once extensive Royal Hunting Forest of Enfield Chase. Much of the character of the park has changed little since the end of the Chase in 1777.'

Enfield Society Guided Footpath Walks

The Society's Footpaths and Open Spaces Group 'arranges a regular programme of walks throughout the year, in a variety of town and country locations, on weekdays and weekends, and with a selection lengths to suit all abilities'.

Description from

The Enfield Society

Gordon Hill (Enfield) Circular Walk
Distance (miles)10

'The walk quickly enters real countryside and encompasses some wide views. It penetrates some way into Hertfordshire until the old centre of Cheshunt is reached, then uses the New River to take the walker back into Greater London. The extensive grounds of Forty Hall, where there are refreshment opportunities, are visited and the route finally goes via Hillyfields Park back to Gordon Hill.'

Description from

Mike Biggs Inner London Ramblers

Hertfordshire Chain Walk
Distance (miles)86

'The Hertfordshire Chain Walk is an 86-mile walk that crosses the county of Hertfordshire from south to north, starting on the northern edge of London and finishing in Cambridgeshire. Unlike the other long distance paths that I've walked, which either follow a straightforward linear route from A to B or else form a large "circle", this path consists of 15 circular walks of between 4 and 9 miles in length that are linked together to form a "chain" – hence the name Chain Walk. In fact there is a quarter mile gap between Walk 7 and Walk 8, so the Hertfordshire Chain Walk is also unusual in that it is a long distance footpath with a hole in the middle!'

Description from

Pete's Walks

See also

 Hertfordshire Chain Walk [Tim Bertuchi]

Pymmes Brook Trail
Distance (miles)10

'This signposted walk runs for ten miles through the parks and suburbs of north London as it follows (roughly) the course of Pymmes Brook, a tributary of the River Lea. This guide gives you an overview of the route; for a more detailed guide to the walk, contact Barnet Council for a free trail leaflet ...  As ever in London, there are excellent transport links to the start and finish points, and along the way. It's useful to pop a London street atlas in the rucksack.'

Description from

Car Free Walks

Winchmore Hill to Palmers Green Walk
Distance (miles)4

'This walk explores historic parks and gardens in the London Borough of Enfield, parts of which were for more than 400 years the royal hunting ground of Enfield Chase ...'

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