'Discover the history and beauty of Dumfries & Galloway and you’ll find lush green forests and sandy shores which have inspired great men and women. Visit the castles and historic spots to learn more of days gone by, while taking in the breathtaking views.'

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'Dumfries & Galloway is the perfect place to see amazing wildlife in unspolied, natural habitats and whatever time of year you choose to visit there is always something new and exciting to witness. The glorious unspoilt coastline, varied terrain and numerous tranquil lochs provide backdrops for some captivating wildlife walks ...' ALERT I have needed to change the Link from that originally referenced here.

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'South West Scotland Hill Walking Routes - with Maps, Photo Galleries and Local Information for every route. Also Coastal Walks in the three local National Scenic Areas.'

'This Website is mainly aimed at the active potential visitor who is looking for practical and informed local knowledge. But, for those who can't get to Scotland's outdoors, the virtual walks in the web galleries offer the chance to see what it is like to walk in this less frequented area of Scotland.'

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